IP Update - maybe an arp issue

Joseph Mack NA3T jmack at wm7d.net
Sat Mar 11 18:06:22 GMT 2006

On Sat, 11 Mar 2006, Tony Spencer wrote:

> I think my problem is the same as the first entry in 5.18.
> I think because the primary ETH0 is still up although I've failed over the
> LVS by stopping the service

which service?

> on the primary LVS, and since the heartbeat
> socket disappears the backup LVS brings up the VIP.
> The backup LVS logs show:
> Mar 10 14:24:17 lvs2 kernel: send_arp uses obsolete (PF_INET,SOCK_PACKET)
> Mar 10 14:24:22 lvs2 pulse[15503]: gratuitous lvs arps finished
> Mar 11 08:34:39 lvs2 pulse[18224]: gratuitous lvs arps finished
> Mar 11 08:36:40 lvs2 pulse[18349]: gratuitous lvs arps finished
> So I think it would be fine if the primary LVS actually died

what does died mean?

> and took it's ETH0 IP with it

the directors should have non-VIP IPs on the outside (and 

> but in the event the LVS service

there is no LVS service. What do you mean here?

> just died leaving ETH0
> still up it won't failover correctly.

what's "it"?

I'm lost here. Can you start again?

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