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mike mike503 at
Tue Mar 14 07:17:02 GMT 2006

It appears this guy was asking the same question, but got no
replies... and if the date was right, this was 5 years ago?

I'm trying to bind multiple IPs to a single virtual service. To make
bandwidth monitoring easier, I want to give each of my clients their
own physical internet IP. However, currently it appears I can only
bind to a single IP address for each virtual {} block - which then
creates multiple "nanny" monitors doing the same thing - basically
sending one monitoring request per virtual service to each of my

I am using Piranha and CentOS 4.2. I have it working fine with a
single IP per virtual service, but I'd rather not define a new virtual
service for each client. I was using the web gui, but at this point it
doesn't seem to give me much advantage, since I won't be changing the
configuration often once it's working.

Is there any way to do something like below? I tried this and it only
grabs the last one defined. I also tried it in other ways (adding it
all on one line, etc...) but all that does is fail to start.

virtual http {
     active = 1
     address = eth1:1
     address = eth1:2
     address = eth1:3
     vip_nmask =
     port = 80
... etc ...

Thanks in advance.
- mike

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