Adding multiple "address" lines to

mike mike503 at
Tue Mar 14 13:18:32 GMT 2006

> I don't care where you got it, as long as you looked around
> first.

Of course, I'd rather find it on my own and get it done, rather than
bug people who may or may not answer and have to wait for the lag time

> think of the single server arrangement (ie no LVS). Can you
> have 5 different IPs/NICs on a server and have them all bind
> to the same service?

in theory, no. however, I could all bind them on port 80 seperately,
and have them all go to different servers, or the same group of

basically i guess the point is that i want to consider my webservers
as a pool of servers doing the same thing... and have as many external
IPs as I want be sent in to that same pool of servers. the servers
themselves don't care, the only thing is trying to figure out if LVS
supports that abstraction...

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