Adding multiple "address" lines to

mike mike503 at
Wed Mar 15 09:51:49 GMT 2006

Excellent news. I have it all setup with a manually configured
heartbeat+ldirectord - even have NFSv4+DRBD failover working properly
on the same set of servers.

I'm using fwmark as a way to abstract the configuration from the
specific IP addresses... works like a charm :)

On 3/14/06, mike <mike503 at> wrote:
> Okay.
> I'm messing with fwmark's.
> Question though. How do I define the IPs, if I'm not putting the IPs
> into piranha (which maintains the file) - I am compiling the
> list of manual ipvsadm rules myself. Do all I need to do is something
> as simple as ifconfig eth0:1 a.b.c.d up ? Then I'd need to wire that
> somehow to the backup director... so it knew to send_arp for those
> then... still not sure where I define a list of IPs for LVS and have
> it understand that?

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