why real server(have removed from lvs list) is still visited thru Load balancer server?

Siim Põder windo at p6drad-teel.net
Wed Oct 4 07:16:48 BST 2006

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On 02.10.2006 05:47, fala wrote:
> Yes, new connections get sent to RS2,RS3(RS2 and RS3 have removed
> from real server list in Load balancer for 1 week already)

Could you run tcpdump on all relevant interfaces on the load balancer
and verify that the packets are really being balanced by the machine you
are configuring (and post the relevant packet dumps here)?

If so, any DNAT rules in iptables? Could you post iptables -vL -t nat?

ifconfig -a?

ANY other services that could be doing it? A httpd running on the load

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