all clients disconnect on failover

Sebastian Vieira sebvieira at
Tue Oct 10 15:55:31 BST 2006

On 10/10/06, Graeme Fowler <graeme at> wrote:
> If you're using keepalived (I'm sure you said you were), then these are
> the gratuitous ARP (GARP) packets being sent out to refresh everyone's
> ARP cache with the MAC of the new director.
> I have a theory here, though... you're doing NAT. Therefore the director
> is the default gateway for the realservers - is the address of their
> default gateway the same as the VIP?

Not at the moment. These are ancient (hospital-specific) servers, which
we're not allowed to modify. Well, not allowed .... i prefer not to change
it if it can be done in some other way. If it can't .. well ....  :)

If not, you need another vrrp_instance defined which makes the default
> gateway fail over to the backup director.
> Graeme

I'll try that, and i just got another idea here:  what if i spoof a mac
address (macchanger) and have it fail over to the other director (via the
notify_* scripts)? Would that work?

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