ldirectord with multiple networks

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Wed Oct 11 17:57:30 BST 2006

That's what F5 call SNAT.
I haven't heard of anyone using LVS this way yet?

You could use TUN instead (but your routers probably won't allow it.)

Hoffman, Jon wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to LVS and I am tring to configure a load balancing cluster that
> does not match anything discribed in the documentation that I could find.  I
> also searched through the archives and could not find anything (maybe I
> using the wrong search terms).
> I have two networks that are physcally located in different locations (lets
> say city X and city Y).  In city X we have our web servers, run by our team
> there.  In city Y we have our load balancer that we are tring to set up as a
> demo to show how LVS works.  We can not set our default gateway of our web
> servers to be the load balancer because we are trying to test LVS and can
> not take our web servers out of production to test a new load balancer.  And
> we want to see the load balancing working with our present servers.
> What is happening is our client makes a request to our load balancer, the
> load balancer (ldirectord) sends the request to our web server and the web
> server responses directly back to the client, who has no idea why that
> server is sending the packet to it.
> Below is my ldirectord.cf file:
> # Global Directives
> checktimeout=3
> checkinterval=30
> fallback=
> autoreload=yes
> logfile="/var/log/ldirectord.log"
> #logfile="local0"
> quiescent=yes
> virtual=YYY.YYY.YYY.1:80
>         real= XXX.XXX.XXX.1:Port masq
>         real= XXX.XXX.XXX.2:Port masq
>         service=http
>         request="test.html"
>         receive="I'm alive"
>         scheduler=rr
>         protocol=tcp
> Basicly the real servers are responding directly back to the client (rather
> then the load balancer) but I can not set my default gateway of the real
> servers to the load balancer.  Is there anyway to masquarade the request
> coming from the load balancer (ldirectord) to the real server to make it
> look like the request is coming from the load balancer rather then the
> client.
> My masquarading rules look like this:
>                 $IPTABLES -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s YYY.YYY.YYY.0/24 -j
>                 $IPTABLES -t nat -A POSTROUTING -d XXX.XXX.XXX.1	  -j
>                 $IPTABLES -t nat -A POSTROUTING -d XXX.XXX.XXX.2  -j
> Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
> Jon Hoffman
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