Problems with IPVS

Mindaugas mind at
Mon Oct 16 15:00:57 BST 2006


  Could you please look what is wrong with tcpdump2.cap and is it possible 
to correct situation? tcpdump.cap is capture of the same request/response 
but done with iptable -j DNAT.
  tcpdump3.cap is open via LVS with Nokia phone.

  A bit about my setup:
  packets comes in via GRE tunnel and arrives into interface called netwap. 
They are marked with fwmark  iptables on mangle table. Then they are marked 
as local using "ip rule add prio 1000 fwmark 1 table 100". And then they go 
through LVS and to the proxy server.

  As another case I tried marked packets to pass via DNAT iptables target. 
Ethereal screen does not look perfect bu sites managed to open. With LVS I 
could not open any web site.

  Web clients are Sony Ericsson phones so I cannot upgrade all of them. :)

  Please help. I'm a bit desperate. :)



# ipvsadm -Sn
-A -f 1 -s wlc -p 15
-a -f 1 -r -m -w 1 

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