Problems with IPVS

Mindaugas mind at
Tue Oct 17 13:05:20 BST 2006

>  Web clients are Sony Ericsson phones so I cannot upgrade all of them. :)

  I investigated a bit further and that's what I found:

  1. phone sends SYN packet to proxy;
  2. proxy responds with SYN,ACK;
  3. phone sends ACK;
  4. phone sends HTTP GET request;
  5. proxy ACKs packet 4;
  6. proxy sends HTTP data packet;
  7. proxy sends another HTTP data packet;
  8. proxy sends FIN packet;

  weird things starts here

  9. phone once more sends ACK packet acknowledging packet 2 (duplicate of 
packet 3);
  10. and one more dupe of packet 3;
  11.-14. proxy repeats packet 6. 4 times.

  The problem is that LVS does not pass packets 11. to 14. to phone. Why?

  In case of DNAT packets 11.-14. are passed to phone which at the end 
acknowledges packets 6. and 7. and then acknowledges packet 8. thus closing 
TCP connection.


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