Problems with IPVS

Malte Geierhos malte at
Tue Oct 17 14:16:27 BST 2006

Since you're using GRE - Tunnels - have you seen some sort of icmp - packets
arriving at your phone ? or is this blocked ?
If so you should try to lower your mss as if you're using tun ... (just 
a thought)

This is what we do on our realservers - i can imagine your problem has 
something to do with the mtu.

iptables -A OUTPUT -s <VIP> -p tcp -m tcp --tcp-flags SYN,RST,ACK 
SYN,ACK -j TCPMSS --set-mss 1440

just my 2 cent
>  Web clients are Sony Ericsson phones so I cannot upgrade all of them. :)
>> Do you know if this is a problem with the phone or ipvs (does it work 
>> with a regular client)?
>  Phone. It works with phones from other vendors (e.g. Nokia). But as I 
> noted below phones works with DNAT.
>  And as you understand it is impossible to fix all Sony Ericsson 
> phones out there. :)
>>> 9. phone once more sends ACK packet acknowledging packet 2 
>>> (duplicate of packet 3);
>>> 10. and one more dupe of packet 3;
>>> 11.-14. proxy repeats packet 6. 4 times.
>>> The problem is that LVS does not pass packets 11. to 14. to phone. Why?
>> this is out of my league sorry
>  Who could I report this bug then? I mean ipvs team of course :).
>  Mindaugas
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