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Wed Oct 18 21:10:09 BST 2006

Hi Sonali,

I use keepalived to solve this problem in my environment.  To solve your
problem keepalived implements VRRP (virtual router redundancy protocol) to
enable two or more machines own IP addresses.  Only one machine will
actively own an IP at any one time, but failover is almost instantanious in
the event of a failure.

In addition, keepalived does healthchecking on your real servers withing
each VIP and will dynamically remove it from the running LVS configuration
if a healthcheck fails and restoring it when the next healthcheck is
successful.  All this, and it allows you to configure your LVS setup via the
same keepalived.conf configuration file.


On 10/17/06, Sonali Bhargava <sonali.bhargava at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if in lvs-nat set-up, couple of lvs director can be active
> simultaneously and having the same lvs rule configured?
> The problem I stumbled upon is - only one lvs director will be the gateway
> on real servers as a result the other lvs director is unreachable.  I
> cannot
> add the route to the other lvs director because real server does not see
> lvs
> director's ipaddress in the incoming packet.
> Does anyone  has a work-around idea for this ?
> Thanks a ton in advance.
> Sonali
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