Problems with IPVS

Mindaugas mind at
Fri Oct 20 14:17:37 BST 2006

>>> Sorry, not on my end. Something ate them in between. Could you upload 
>>> them somewhere zipped?
> Yep, I got them. Funny, if you open them in konqueror, it tries to 
> display the octets in the packets, resulting in a half-backed webpage 
> :). Bloody konqueror is too smart!

  So what are the results of investigation? ;)

>>  Yes. Just not single proxy. netmask and I'm load balancing 
>> to 4 proxies.
> Have you considered iproute2 nat? We could get a similar functionality 
> to LVS using stuff like:
> ip route add nat via
> ip rule add nat via

  What's the advantage of such method against iptables DNAT?


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