Problems with IPVS

Roberto Nibali ratz at
Sun Oct 22 09:12:31 BST 2006

>> Yep, I got them. Funny, if you open them in konqueror, it tries to 
>> display the octets in the packets, resulting in a half-backed webpage 
>> :). Bloody konqueror is too smart!
>  So what are the results of investigation? ;)

Sorry, haven't been able to look at it yet. I've been moving houses and 
I was involved in a car accident yesterday and today I've come down with 
a cold. The laptop with the files is in the car cemetery and police 
hasn't allowed me to go there yet.

>>>  Yes. Just not single proxy. netmask and I'm load 
>>> balancing to 4 proxies.
>> Have you considered iproute2 nat? We could get a similar functionality 
>> to LVS using stuff like:
>> ip route add nat via
>> ip rule add nat via
>  What's the advantage of such method against iptables DNAT?

It's closer to LVS because it's tighter coupled into the routing 
facility. I understand it better than netfilter code because it's 
smaller and easier to debug. But that's just me ;).

Best regards,
Roberto Nibali, ratz
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