ipvsadm output VS ifconfig output

Jonathan Lundberg lundbej at rte.ie
Mon Oct 23 10:32:19 BST 2006

Joseph Mack NA3T wrote:
> On Fri, 20 Oct 2006, Jonathan Lundberg wrote:
>> We have discovered that the problematic VIP's appear in ipvsadm -l 
>> output, but the corresponding interface does not appear in ifconfig 
>> output on the LVS server/director.
> ifconfig doesn't see IPs configured with iproute2 tools. You should 
> forget ifconfig for anything but leaf machines
> BTW piranha is a RedHat product, not part of the LVS project
> Joe

I'm afraid I'm not a linux kernel ip/routing expert by any stretch of 
the imagination, I'm just
an LVS end user.

Under normal circumstances, when I start pulse, any VIP->Real mapping 
that I see in
ipvsadm -l output also seems to have a corresponding device listed in 
ifconfig output.

The difficulty I am having now, is that when I start pulse, I can see 
the full list of VIP->Real
mappings in ipvsadm -l output, as if they are functioning correctly.  
However, I am not able
to connect to some random VIP's even though they are listed, I get a 
connection refused
or no route to host error.  I discovered that when I run ifconfig, the 
ones that DO work and
that I CAN connect to, are listed as eth0:X devices in ifconfig output, 
but the VIP's that I
cannot connect to are NOT listed.  If I run "ifconfig eth0:X w.x.y.z 
netmask a.b.c.d" on the
command line, THEN I am able to connect to the VIP's and they function fine.

I don't want to have to resort to writing a script that runs ifconfig 
commands for every
VIP when I restart pulse just to get it working. 

Has anybody seen this behaviour before?  You say ifconfig doesn't see 
IP's configured
with iproute2 tools, but all I know is that when I start pulse in 
CentOS, I _DO_ see ifconfig
device entries for every VIP (or at least, the ones that work!)


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