Using LVS with squid cluster

Owens, Ron ron.owens at
Mon Oct 23 14:38:53 BST 2006

I am trying to move from a squid cluster currently using a load
balancing "super proxy" client script to a proper LVS solution.
I gave set up my ldirectord.conf (with one real server just to see if it
works!) as follows:
        real= gate 1
ipvsadm shows the virtual and real server becoming available, but when I
try to get traffic through via the browser, all I see via ipvsadm is the
"InActConn" incrementing . The " ActiveConn" never increments. 
I tried running ldirecord with the "-d"  debugging option, but it
doesn't give any output related to the requested (maybe it's not
supposed to ... I don't know)
I have configured the real server with lvsdrrs to hide the loopback
interface as per the web server.
Now... has anybody managed to get squid working via ldirectord?
I am running the same ldirectord configuration with a web server with no
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