heartbeat-2.0.7 crm restarting ldirectord constantly :(

Klavs Klavsen kl at vsen.dk
Tue Oct 24 07:30:47 BST 2006


I think this line is the relevant one:

> lrmd[21034]: 2006/07/13_12:12:29 WARN: There is something wrong: the first
> line isn't read in. Maybe the heartbeat does not ouput string correctly
>  for status operation. Or the code (myself) is wrong.

But have you got any idea, why the line isn't read in?
As you can see below, heartbeat is logging the output from the status
command, so it does receive it somehow:

>lrmd[21034]: 2006/07/13_16:12:28 ERROR: RA heartbeat:ldirectord_2:monitor
>(process 21161) failed to redirect stderr for its background child (daem
>on) processes. This will likely cause those processes to die mysteriously
>at some later time (terminated by signal SIGPIPE).
>lrmd[21034]: 2006/07/13_16:12:28 info: RA output:
>(ldirectord_2:monitor:stderr) ldirectord for
>/etc/ha.d/conf/http.www.mitsite.dk.cf is running with pid: 21151

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