[lvs-users] where is connection?

Gerry Reno greno at verizon.net
Fri Aug 3 05:01:42 BST 2007

Here is a scenario that is presenting inconsistent results:

Both directors started and running normally handling VIP connections.

Users have been working in webapps but they are idle for a while and 
connections have gone past persistent time.
ipvsadm -l on both directors shows no connections. (this may not be 

service keepalived stop
shutdown -h now
... do some work ...
power on and boot

During the shutdown or after the BACKUP has rebooted:
User clicks icon in their webapp and nothing happens, it times out. All 
clicks to VIP time out.
ipvsadm -l on MASTER shows 1 InActConn on 1 RS # I always see this one 
connection in InActConn
ipvsadm -l on BACKUP shows either nothing or no connects

I have tried on MASTER, issuing the ICMP ECHO on VIP to router. No luck.

REMEDY: on MASTER you must restart keepalived in order for users to 
regain VIP connections.

This happens nearly all of the time. Only a couple times the users do 
not lose VIP connections.

I have tested this several times and the behavior is the same everytime 
when the problem exhibits.


FYI: My notify script no longer does anything with the default gateway.

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