[lvs-users] disabling persistence

Sameer Garg sameer.garg at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 12:08:04 BST 2007

Hi All,

I am evaluating LVS for load balancing Lucene.

CURRENT SETUP                                          PROPOSED SETUP
webserver x 3                                                          LVS
        | |
    webserver x 3
        | |                                               ==>
       | |
        | |
   Lucene x 6                                                        Lucene x 6

In our current setup the load balancing is done by the application. We
want to  use a LVS instead to load balance the request between the
Lucene machines.
PHP scripts on the webservers talk to lucene and then serve the client request.

Due to persistence one of the lucene servers would be flooded with all
the requests. The request go to the same lucene server because the
webserers talk to lucene and hence the persistence timeout would never

Is it possible to turn of persistence? I have tried using ipvsadm from
the command line and did not specify a persistence timeout value but
it didn't help.



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