[lvs-users] LVS to run as a fail over (2 servers, active-passive) how?

Adam Niedzwiedzki adstar at genis-x.com
Tue Dec 18 22:14:33 GMT 2007

Hi Joe,

If only it was that simple :(
I have to have a lot of things playing nice on this machine, and adding
Linux-HA might "not" work :(.
I say "not" because of my setup. (I have one machine doing all the work,
router/firewall and load balancer)

	eth0 (/30) - Router/Firewall - eth1 (/25) - (switch) -
				eth2 - (switch) - (LVS network) (nat'd via

I'm running shorewall for my firewall, keepalived (lvs) via fwmark for my
load balancing (that took some hair pulling to figure out).

I'm not sure if I can even fit Linux-HA into the mix as well? 
I'll go do some reading on heartbeat (I'm not familiar with it).


P.S I wonder if I could convince the LVS dev's to put out a ds scheduler
(Dead Server) :P Use all the framework for real servers etc, but just does
the same as HA I guess, send all requests to one box, if it goes down send
to the other, when it comes back move the traffic back. Would work in quite
nice with keepalived *shrug*

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On Tue, 18 Dec 2007, Adam Niedzwiedzki wrote:

> I have another client that has requested just a basic failover solution,
> they don't want to load balance across their serves they just want

use Linux-HA

> How do I setup LVS (or the config in keepalived) to do this.

LVS is a loadbalancer. You're asking how to set up LVS so 
that it doesn't loadbalance. It would be simpler to use 
Linux-HA. Make sure any writes to the active server get 
written before failover.


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