[lvs-users] ipvs and iptables :: how do they mesh together?

chris barry Christopher.Barry at QLogic.com
Sun Dec 23 15:38:00 GMT 2007

On Thu, 2007-12-20 at 02:05 -0500, chris barry wrote:
> http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/wiki/index.php/Image:Iptables.gif
> Given the above image, where does lvs fit into the packet traversal path
> in an lvs-nat configuration?

Ok, sorry to reply to my own post, but is this such a stupid question,
that when everyone saw it, they basically said "what an idiot!" and
immediately deleted it? It may well be an ignorant question, and maybe
I /should/ already know it, but I really did google all around, and
could not find anything on it. The whole thing is pretty much black
magic to me, and I'm just trying to grok it.

But I can wait (Graeme), because I too am sneaking this email while my
SWMBO is upstairs...;-)

<...pouring more eggnog...>

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