Linux LVS Server

Graeme Fowler graeme at
Tue Jan 30 12:37:32 GMT 2007

On 30/01/2007 12:25, Mansoor Ali wrote:
> I want to ask one thing about the Linux LVS Solution. I have setup the 
> LVS-NAT solution, it worked fine but i m having one small issue onto it. 
> If one of my real server is down,switched-off the Director does not 
> detect it immediatley as well the connections are not forwarded 
> immediately to the second Real Server. At times even it is very 
> difficult to make connection with the Second Real Server.

Depending on your setup this is to be expected.

> Is this normal with LVS or there can be some specific configuration 
> required in this regard?

LVS itself provides no healthcheck facility - it's just a flashy router. 
You need to add something to it for the high-availability aspects, some 
of which are described here:

The two (apparently, although this is not a scientific analysis!) most 
popular are:



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