[lvs-users] keepalived+bridging!!

Ramsurrun Visham vishamr at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 18:46:57 BST 2007

Hi to all,

My topology is as follows:

         |                                         |
         |     VIP           |
         |                                         |
         | br1                  | br1
         | eth1                                  | eth1
     |Master| -------  eth2 --------- |Backup|
  eth0 |                                         | eth0
br0                  br0
         |                                         |
         |                                         |
         |     VIP         |
         |                                         |

The IP addresses of eth2 on Master is and on Backup is

My keepalived.conf on the MASTER node is as follows:
! Configuration File for keepalived

vrrp_sync_group G1 {   # must be before vrrp_instance declaration
 group {

vrrp_instance VI_1 {
   state MASTER
   interface eth2
   virtual_router_id 51
   priority 100
   advert_int 2
   authentication {
     auth_type PASS
     auth_pass visham
   virtual_ipaddress { dev br0

The vrrp adverts are multicast along eth2. My problem is that I don't
know how how set the virtual ip address on br1 since I have already
defined a vrrp_instance for eth2. Is it possible to several virtual ip
addresses in one vrrp_instance?

   virtual_ipaddress { dev br0 dev br1

Unfortunately, I dont have a PC equipped with 3 NICs to test it.

Also, I wanted to know if virtual MAC (VMAC) is supported by
keepalived. If yes, how do I do it because I want the BACKUP PC to
have the same MAC address as the MASTER when the MASTER node fails.

Thx in advance...

Warm regards,

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