[lvs-users] LVS and OpenVZ

Dr. Volker Jaenisch volker.jaenisch at inqbus.de
Fri Jun 29 20:00:18 BST 2007

Hello Gerry!
Gerry Reno schrieb:
> Has anyone ever been able to use LVS with OpenVZ?  Can you develop a 
> loadbalancing solution with this combo?  The reason I might want to use 
> OpenVZ is that the networking is native speed.
We are using XEN and LVS to analyse the scalability of our customers 
before we implement them in real hardware.

So we build in virtual a ipvs Loadbalancer, two Real-Servers and a 
DB-Server. These virtual servers are
connected via some virtual linux-bridges (Think of them as switches).

This works quite good since virtual instances in XEN do not have to much 

The only drawback is the setup of the virtual network. One should be 
familiar with linux-bridges,
and the linux ip-routing scheme. If firewalling is included things 
become nastily complex.

Using such virtual server-clusters has speed up our time-to-production 
for the real server-clusters
by an order of magnitude since in the phase of of virtual testing 
errors, and problems are find early
in the project timeline. Early enought to steer the project in the right 
direction (e.g. DB-Cluster needed/not needed) before the customer has 
invested in expensive hardware.
A second advantage is that we can accuratly predict how many realservers 
were needed to reach a certain
performance goal and how many e.g. Pagehits per Day are possible with 
future extensions of the realcluster.
Also the limits of scaling (e.g. DB-Breakdown) can be neasured this way.

I personally do not like openVZ since this is no more than a boosted 
chroot-Environment. With openVZ you can
 not truly seperate the virtual machines in the way you can with true 
virtualisation techniques as XEN.

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