[lvs-users] Modify established connections (hash list)

Rumen Bogdanovski rumen at voicecho.com
Thu Nov 8 17:46:27 GMT 2007

I am afraid there is no such feature in lvs.


On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 17:49 +0100, studentsite at o2.pl wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm trying to create tcp socket migration mechanism. For now on I have
> solution to migrate socket between two "real servers".
> I would like to modify entry in lvs hash table for established
> connection. I would like to change IP address and port number in the
> hash table to avoid switching connection between "real server".
> For example:
> I have 3 computers:
>  - lvs &
>  - real_srv_1
>  - real_srv_2
> Client from Internet connect to and lvs switch this
> connection to real_srv_1 (port 80). For some reason I migrate proces
> and socket from real_srv_1 to real_srv_2. From now on, this process
> running on and port (...for example) 8080. To make it still
> runnng I have to redirect packets incoming from lvs to real_srv_2 - so
> I can't to switch off real_srv_1 (for example - I would like to add
> more RAM to real_srv_1).
> Here is the question:
> Is there is any solution to change entry in hash table in LVS to
> redirect all packet not to real_srv_1:80 but to real_srv_2:8080?
> Thank You for any reply.
> Greets,
> Lukasz Kowalski
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