[lvs-users] Ldirector problem

Souman, Jan souman at hitt.nl
Wed Aug 6 16:44:03 BST 2008

Hi all,

I am doing some testing with ldirectord:

My set up is.
Virtual server:
Real server1:
Real server2:

When I disable the nic0 (I only have one nic in each server) for real
server 1. On the other real server ldirector is started by heartbeat
which is correct.
But the application that is connecting from is not routed
to real server 2. It looks like it is connected to real server 1 but the
vip01 is routed to real server 2 and also I cannot ping between real
server 1 and 2 because of the disabled nic.

Does anyone now how to solve this problem so ldirectord is routing to
realserver2 when nic0 of realserver1 is disabled?

An external application is connecting to 

Met vriendelijke groet,/Kind regards,

Jan Souman
System Engineer

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P.O. Box 717
The Netherlands
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