[lvs-users] SIP / SCTP for LVS

Pierrick Grasland pierrick.grasland at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 15:13:17 BST 2008


I have try to make lvs handle sip stuff.

Works fine with simple case, like OPTIONS / 200 ok on TCP and UDP, both in
LVS nat and DR

I think in your case, if it something basic, like :

invite - 302 - ack you should be ok. (there is a 'timeout' for each
connections, even for UDP, based on <ip:port>), but your realserver must
generate the response 302

Don't hope for persistence during a long call, it's not working as far as I
know. I try to hack it, but I need to work a lot on it before having
something 'experimental'.

Pierrick Grasland

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