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Michael Klatsky michaelk at tnrglobal.com
Tue Aug 19 17:00:53 BST 2008


We have done exactly that. We have some services (various ports of
course) using the same VIP. However, we have also set up other
services that need to run on the same ports using a second VIP. One
issue we ran into, though- was that the VIP's configured as aliases
needed to be in the same network block as the RIP on the physical
device (eth0). We found that
in order to add a VIP in a different network block, we needed to
assign another RIP to a physical device, and then alias that second
device for services. Hopefully the example below will make that

First set of services:

eth0:      <----RIP

 eth0:0  <--VIP
 eth0:1  <--VIP

 eth0:2     <-- VIP   ** This would not work
correctly, therefore we configure the second set below-

Second set of services:

eth1:       <--RIP

 eth1:0  <--VIP
 eth1:1  <--VIP

Then, just reference your VIP's in the config for your software. We
use ldirectord for this.

There are probably different/better ways to do this- setting up static
routes, etc but this solution works for us.

Good luck.


On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 11:23 AM, Jeff Anderson
<jefferya at programmerq.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have failed to find anything in the mailing list, documentation, or
> general googling so here I am!
> Basically I am setting up one LVS director to replace DNS Round Robin for
> machines for our users to ssh into. I'm sure I can implement LVS just fine
> for that. I'll probably just implement it right on our firewall.
> If it works, and we like it, we will consider using LVS for other services,
> such as mail or ldap. Can I set up multiple real server pools based on the
> service (port)? I'd definitely want to have different virtual IPs for each
> service, but I haven't found any documentation on achieving this. I'd
> appreciate any and all links, or magic google terms. If I'm not clear
> enough, let me know and I'll provide an example that is a little more
> detailed.
> Thanks!
> Jeff Anderson
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