[lvs-users] Seting up LVS as a Network Router

Stephen Amadei stephenamadei at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 21 03:40:46 BST 2008

Back in my ISP days, every PC router I used got overrun quite quickly.  I always use hardware now.
Stephen> Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 17:18:06 -0700> From: jmack at wm7d.net> To: beryl at fastwave.biz; lvs-users at linuxvirtualserver.org> Subject: Re: [lvs-users] Seting up LVS as a Network Router> > On Wed, 20 Aug 2008, tech wrote:> > >> some people think that you shouldn't use PCs as routers in> >> the first place.> >>> >> http://web.ivy.net/~carton/rant/l3-switch/switch-unixrouterdoomed.html> > > Thanks, When your an ISP it does. :-)> > so ISPs use PCs as routers? Want to tell us about it? I had > assumed ISPs were all using Ciscos etc.> > > Also don't really care about load balancing but I would > > love to have fail-over.> > failover can be done without LVS eg HA-Linux. There are > router failover protocols - see Andre's keepalived, which > was originally a router failover, and then adapted to LVS. I > think that keepalived can still do router failover. I > believe Andre is working on his own router failover code. > Also Zebra implements the standard routing demons and you > can use those for failover.> > Joe> > -- > Joseph Mack NA3T EME(B,D), FM05lw North Carolina> jmack (at) wm7d (dot) net - azimuthal equidistant map> generator at http://www.wm7d.net/azproj.shtml> Homepage http://www.austintek.com/ It's GNU/Linux!> > _______________________________________________> LinuxVirtualServer.org mailing list - lvs-users at LinuxVirtualServer.org> Send requests to lvs-users-request at LinuxVirtualServer.org> or go to http://lists.graemef.net/mailman/listinfo/lvs-users
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