[lvs-users] Problems with persistent connections

Hudson FAS hudsonfas at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 14:30:42 BST 2008

Hey, guys

I have the same problem, that is,

I Followed the guideline:

1. SITUATION ONE: (I don´t use PERSISTENT = 300 in ldirectord.cf)

and when the users (in yours browsers) access (redirect by load
balance) pages with session controller(user/password), your
requisitions are redirecting to any www servers, always ....

Why? established a connection browser <--> www server, it should not 
remain until the closing of the browser?

2. SITUATION TWO: (Now I´m using PERSISTENT = 300 in ldirectord.cf)

Now, SOME users (in browser) receive a blank page,
when they are accessing pages with session controller (user/password).

This is the problem I am having with the ldirector (ultramonkey)!!

Hudson FAS

Joseph Mack NA3T escreveu:
> On Tue, 1 Jul 2008, Adriano Moura Macedo wrote:
>> Hi Folks, firstly sorry for my poor english, rsrsrs. I'm 
>> having the following problem: I have six web servers and 
>> two machines as balanceadores load (a master and backup). 
>> I have some web applications that when are used have the 
>> following problem, when users logon they are redirected to 
>> the screen logon. This is because the new requests are 
>> redirected to other servers that has no history of the 
>> sessions of users, then I added the attribute "persistent 
>> = 300"  (tested with other major and minor TIMES), solving 
>> this problem but creating another:the home page does not 
>> load, someone knows how to solve?
> persistence creates a lot of problems. Your setup 
> redirecting connections to the screen logon (which I don't 
> understand) seems to be part of the problem.
>> PS.:  Follows the guidelines from site: 
>> http://www.howtoforge.com/high_availability_loadbalanced_apache_cluster
> didn't know about this.
> Joe

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