[lvs-users] LVS with policy routing

Martin Hierling martin at mh-itc.de
Wed Jul 2 21:43:51 BST 2008

Hi List,

a little bit off topic, but perhaps you have implemented something
like this or know a good howto.

i have a DR setup with a load balancer and 2 webservers. Traffic to
the webservers went through the load balancer but traffic from the
webserver back to the clients went directly to the default gateway. no
chance to see the traffic on the director, but i want to see it there.
1st step is to tell the webservers to send http traffic not to the
default gw instead it should be send to the load balancer. i thought i
could manage this with iptables and policy routing. every http package
get marked by iptables and send back not to default gw but to load
balancer. 2nd step is telling the load balancer to send traffic,
comming from the webservers, to the real gateway. so i have all
traffic going through the load balancer.

to get step 1 running could someone tell me or point me to some docs
howto get this running, with that i could handle step 2 by myself.

thanks Martin

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