[lvs-users] ldirectord seems stuck

Michael Moody michael at gsc.cc
Wed Jul 23 00:50:27 BST 2008

I have two servers, set up using heartbeat/ldirectord.
(all files are the same on both servers, such as the ldirectord.cf, both have all software updates)

In my ldirectord.cf I have the following:

        real= gate 1
        fallback= gate 1
#       login="testftp"
#       passwd="testftplvs1"

On the lvs1 machine, it reverts to the fallback (, even though the real server is up. I have verified connectivity via the ftp program on the lvs1 server itself.

TCP wrr persistent 30000
  ->             1         2           0          1

On the lvs2 machine, the ipvs table correctly shows the primary real server as active:

TCP wrr persistent 30000
  ->             1         2           0          1

Either as a result of this, or as a cause of this, after so long, the health checks on the lvs1 box begin to stall, meaning dead servers are not removed from the table. I have had to switch to lvs2 as my primary for the moment.

Can anyone help me to explain/solve this?

(arp tables show the same mac for on both lvs2 and lvs1)


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