[lvs-users] Setting Up LVS

Raphael Gangneux raph at domainarena.net
Tue May 6 15:16:14 BST 2008

Hi Guys,
I apologise in advance if this seems obvious to you, but this is my first
attempt at installing/configuring LVS.
I understand most of the How-To so far !  well...the theory anyway!

The confusing bit is 'where to start' really.
Here's how my home network is conf'ed:
Cable modem --> Debian etch box setup as a gateway (2NICs: eth0 dhcp, eth1 = --> switch --> workstation 1 (.200)
==>	Workstation2  (.201)
==>	Workstation 3 (.202)
==>	...etc
==>	Server1 (.205)
==>	Server2 (.206)
==>	Server3 (.207)
==>	Server4 (.208)
Now i understand that this is more than enough to test LVS.
What i intend to do is use Server1 as the director and server2,3,4 as the
In terms of forwarding type i assume LVS-NAT is probably the easiest/more
convenient with regards to my systems.
I will install a bare install of Debian etch on all 4 servers (1dir +
As i understand it, the latest kernel used by Debian supports ipvs.

What i want to achieve at first is a very simple highly available cluster
serving one website (HTTP).
Ie: browse to a website, see which node i'm connected to, unplug the node
and see if i can still see the website. 

I hope this is enough info for you to picture what i have and where i want
to go :-)

Here are a few questions to put me in the right direction if you don't mind
(it's more logistical than technical stuff really...)

Can you confirm that i should follow these steps in order:
1-	Build the machines with completely bare OS installs
2-	Configure the director
3-	Configure each realserver

One thing i'm not sure of is:  if the 2.6 kernel is already patched to
support ipvs, do i simply need to install ipvsadm (i checked and there's a
ready made deb package for it) to manage ipvs? No silly kernel recompile to
Also, since i'm gonna go for a LVS-NAT forwarding method i understand i
won't have to deal with the arp issue. Is that right?

In the above setup, can i use my debian gateway server as the client to test
from ? I'm not too familiar with routing stuff or iptables rules and am a
bit worried that my lack of knowledge in this domain will screw my tests if
i try to test from an outside client.
Now a quick couple of questions about the configure script and other tools
provided in the howto:
I want to start with one director only (for simplicity...since i'm a noob),
but my ultimate challenge will be to implement this at work with a fully
resilient solution (2 directors failover). Is it easy to just add a director
to the equation in the future? Do you recommend UltraMonkey? Or am i going
to over complicate things with that?

I'm a bit worried that the quite is really old and that some new config
scripts (that would make my experience much easier) are out there and i
don't know about them :-). Any advice/scripts would be much appreciated!

Thanks a gazillion for your precious time.
Looking forward to reading you on the list.

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