[lvs-users] Bizarre problem with SSL and Internet Explorer

Benoit Gauthier gauthier at circum.com
Thu May 22 11:46:56 BST 2008

(2008.05.22, 06:33)

Hi, all.

We are experiencing a bizarre problem involving LVS, SSL and Internet
Explorer. We are looking for insights and, possibly, a solution.

We have an LVS cluster comprised of one load balancer connecting to
six real servers. Each real server serves Apache requests to a ,cgi
script located on a backend server that is accessed by each node using
NFS. This setup has worked well so far, both using regular requests
and SSL requests.

A problem appeared last week soon after we migrated the cluster from
using public IP addresses for real servers to using local (192.168) IP
addresses (i.e., we went from DR to NAT). Non-SSL requests are handled
fine. SSL requests made directly to the backend server (i.e., avoiding
the LVS cluster) are handled fine. SSL request handled by the LVS
cluster are fine if they are issued by any browser other than Internet
Explorer 5 (and Internet Explorer 6 in the case of one tester). But
Internet Explorer 5 SSL requests to the load balancer are sometimes
handled correctly, but, other times, they either return the same page
instead of the requested page or they return a browser error page
(browser cannot reach the page).

To add to the difficulty, it appears that these errors are not
actually produced by the Apache server: one of the testers has a slow
Internet connection and can clearly feel a lag when the next page is
being properly processed; when an error page is returned, it comes up
immediately, suggesting that no Internet communication took place.

Can anyone suggests where we should pursue our investigation? Thanks
in advance.

Benoît Gauthier
gauthier at circum.com

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