[lvs-users] Dead servers not being removed from pool, ldirectord

Michael S. Moody michael at gsc.cc
Thu May 22 18:20:14 BST 2008

(remember that this was working up until recently). In all times past,
here's what happened:

A server went dead
Ldirectord realized the server was dead (generally in 10 seconds or less)
Ldirectord used ipvsadm to remove it from the table completely (as in,
running ipvsadm -Ln did not show the server anymore)
All current and all new requests went to the remaining servers

Ldirectord no longer seems to be removing servers from the ipvs table.


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On Thu, 22 May 2008, Michael S. Moody wrote:

> I'm having a (fairly serious) problem where dead servers are suddenly not
> being removed from the pool.

you're using persistence (at least from the configs below). 
Are you breaking the persistence as part of taking down the 
service on the realserver?


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