[lvs-users] Weird values for lvsServiceStatsInBytes

Laurentiu C. Badea (L.C.) lc at waat.com
Thu Oct 2 17:59:02 BST 2008

Jack Neely wrote:
> even have an RPM that folks might be interested in.  I've built this on
> RHEL4 and 5 i386 (I believe it needs a bit of extra work for 64 bit
> arches.)

That's funny, I was just working to stuff it into an RPM (for Fedora 
though) last night, you could've saved me some trouble :)

> The values provided for the lvsServiceStatsInBytes attributes are not
> right.  They don't seem to be bits or bytes.  Cacti is graphing out my
> ssh service as doing terabytes of traffic per second.  Running snmpwalk

I think you might be usign the wrong value, the rates are 
lvsServiceRateInBPS and lvsServiceRateOutBPS. The ones you mentioned are 

Laurentiu Badea

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