[lvs-users] Timeouts after 5 seconds running IPVS-DR

Laurentiu C. Badea (L.C.) lc at waat.com
Mon Oct 6 17:52:41 BST 2008

Julien Cornuwel wrote:
> 2008/9/29 Julien Cornuwel <cornuwel at gmail.com>
>> Malcolm Turnbull a écrit :
>> I only have 1 interface and already tried :
>> net.ipv4.conf.all.arp_ignore=1
>> net.ipv4.conf.eth0.arp_ignore=1
>> net.ipv4.conf.all.arp_announce=2
>> net.ipv4.conf.eth0.arp_announce=2
> OK, so I definitely have an ARP problem, with the above configuration.
> On the first request, that works, I have an ESTABLISHED line.
> But after a few seconds, I get dozens of SYN_RECV.

A tcpdump should tell you where the problem is.

I missed the beginning of this thread so I'm just throwing this out 
there. When I played with LVS on the same network as the RIPs, I had 
send_redirects=0, otherwise the LVS would mislead the real servers that 
they should send their packets to the router instead (where they'd get 

Oh, and I also had arp_ignore=2 though not sure if that made a difference.

Laurentiu Badea

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