[lvs-users] Timeouts after 5 seconds running IPVS-DR

Laurentiu C. Badea (L.C.) lc at waat.com
Tue Oct 7 18:23:50 BST 2008

Julien Cornuwel wrote:
> I did a TCP dump on all 3 servers and here is what I see :
> - On webservers, when it works, I see outgoing IP packets with the LB's
> address as origin. When it doesn't, I just see nothing. About once per
> second, the LB sends ARP requests trying to find both webservers (on their
> real addresses), I never saw an ARP reply.
> Webservers should reply to ARP requests on their primary addresses, but they
> don't :(

Well I think it's either that you applied "hidden" to eth0 on the 
webservers, or the LB has the VIP as a primary address. See if the ARPs 
were going out with VIP as source and if that's the case, try giving the 
LB a different primary address and make VIP an alias.

> I missed the beginning of this thread so I'm just throwing this out
>> there. When I played with LVS on the same network as the RIPs, I had
>> send_redirects=0, otherwise the LVS would mislead the real servers that
>> they should send their packets to the router instead (where they'd get
>> dropped).
> Were you using DirectReturn ?

NAT. I guess with DR you do want the original behavior.

Laurentiu Badea

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