[lvs-users] Single-lan config?

David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Fri Oct 10 15:27:57 BST 2008

We're running into a problem with windows boxes being on a private LAN
inside the LVS; they can't join the domain (apparently Active Directory
has to be able to initiate connections to the system), and now that's
starting to interfere with their deployment of what they call "tcp"
protocol since it authenticates service users (obviously they're not
talking about the real tcp proptocol; Microsoft must be working *really*
hard to obfucate things in this area!).

So I need to take a second look at configuring the cluster some other way,
maybe; so that the server systems are directly accessible from the outside
as well as being accessible through the LVS

I remember reading about something I filed in my head as a "single-lan"
config, where the virtual servers didn't live on a private network behind
NAT.  Is this something really different from the Direct Routing
configuration, or just somebody emphasizing that aspect of DR?  More
generally, what configuration would people recommend to achieve my revised
goals here?

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