[lvs-users] How can I improve LVS performance?

Siim Põder siim at p6drad-teel.net
Wed Aug 5 09:00:48 BST 2009


Paulo Rodrigues wrote:
> I've been using ab to check how many webpages this setup can serve over one
> minute, by:
> ab -k -c20 -t60
> and the maximum it does is around 6000 pages; from the LVS itself, running
> the same command but against the realservers
> ab -k -c20 -t60
> ab -k -c20 -t60
> gives around 40000 webpages from each! All hosts are connected over gigabit
> ethernet.

Just so that we could eliminate some factors: you are running the second
set of benchmarks from the director, where are you running the first ab
from? Is it from the director, another machine in the same (external)
subnet or over the internet?


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