[lvs-users] Trying Hard to Understand the Sync Daemon's Behavior

Sebastien Termeau st at mobilepeople.com
Fri Aug 7 09:22:50 BST 2009

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 3:41 PM, Robinson, Eric <eric.robinson at psmnv.com>wrote:

> [Sebastien]
> > Are you using the same syncid in a different cluster on
> > the same network?
> Hi Sebastien, thanks for your reply. I understand the problem you are
> referring to, but unfortunately that's not the problem in our case. We
> only have one LVS cluster.
> I don't fully understand why you needed to put LVSSyncDaemonSwap in
> haresources.cf. If you start the master abd backup daemons on both
> cluster nodes, and make sure the syncids do not conflict, then why would
> any swapping be necessary?
> I wonder if this is the root of my problem. Maybe the master gets new
> connections and sends them to the backup, then the backup sends them
> back to the master as new connections, and somewhere in the mix the
> timeouts are getting messed up.


About the timeout issue on the backup (ie the point number 3 of your first
When the master sends a new connection information to the backup, the
timeout of this connection on the backup is by default 3min.
If the connection is idle for more than 3 minutes it will disappear from the
backup while it might still be registered on the master.
There is a good explanation of this here :



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