[lvs-users] Using Linux Virtual Server for load balancing of zones in MMO game

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Sun Aug 9 08:09:40 BST 2009

Hi Pavel,

> The main idea is to have a number of zones("locations" in terms of my
> game) running on dedicated servers. When a player decides to go to
> some specific location the load balancer decides which zone server
> will be actually serving the player(that's actually why I need a
> Level 7 load balancer)
> What do you folks think about all said above? Thanks in advance.

You may want to look at Simon Horman's "perdition" project, which does 
similar things for IMAP: A user logs in, perdition determines which 
server should be handling the IMAP session, then forwards the rest of 
that session to the appropriate server.

Google gives me this:


Horms may be able to provide more info.



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