[lvs-users] Ldirectord Email Notifications

Brandon Hilkert bhilkert at vt.edu
Fri Jan 9 16:23:46 GMT 2009

There is a link for Sendmail in /usr/sbin that goes to Exim4. When I type in 
"sendmail" it brings up the Exim details, so I know that's working. Despite 
having set the emailalert property in the configuration file, there is 
nothing in the logs that mentions Ldirectord was able/unable to send the 
email. So I don't know why Ldirectord isn't even trying.

any ideas?

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> There is usually a 'sendmail' binary installed, even under Postfix.
> You might need to make a symlink to the location where ldirectord expects
> the binary to be.
> (look up 'locate' and 'ln')
> Regards,
> Kit
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> I've done my best to setup a Linux machine to failover some 15+ websites 
> we
> have. Most of my experience is on the Windows, so I apologize up front if 
> I
> ask questions that seem somewhat rudimental. But I know Ldirectord has the
> ability to send emails, but I can't seem to get them to work. All I want 
> is
> notification upon failover. We're using debian out of the box, with Exim4
> installed and configured. I read the man pages for Ldirectord, which
> mentions the Perl Mail module, but it looks for Sendmail first which isn't
> installed.
> Does anyone successfully use emails alerts with Ldirectord and Debian, and
> if so, what is the most simplistic way to go about it?
> Thanks again,
> Brandon
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