[lvs-users] Ldirector and swtich caching

Jason Ledford jledford at biltmore.com
Thu Jan 15 16:50:28 GMT 2009

My thoughts would be to keep the backup machine turned on and use something like heartbeat to handle the failover.  It will help you sleep at night knowing failover happens automagically and not by you going in and turning a machine on.  Arp problem solved (probably)

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Hi Graeme,

Well, we haven't gotten to the heartbeat point yet. Right now, we have a dedicated "backup" machine with exact same configuration both from a network standpoint and ldirectord config that's in a powered off state. The hope for the time being if something were to happen to the main Ldirector, was to turn it off and power on the "backup" machine. In this case, I can see how ARP issues would arise. Any thoughts on this situation?

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