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The setting is in seconds...and I would suggest 1 hour for RDP.

Persistence > 15 minutes?
Some services such as TELNET, SSH, FTP & Terminal Server (RDP) may
require a persistence setting of
greater than 15 minutes.
If you require a persistence of greater than 15 minutes then you will
need to increase the load balancers
TCP time out value. The TCP time out can be set as a command in your
firewall script:
ipvsadm --set 3600 0 0
This example sets the TCP timeout to 1 hour, you should make sure this
timeout is the same as your
required persistence setting.

A protocol with a long session & persistence enabled such as Terminal
Server RDP maintenance can
become problematic because clients that disconnect and re-connect will
still go to the same server for the
length of the persistence timeout even if the server fails or is taken
down for maintenance.

You will probably want the following in your sysctrl.conf file:
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/vs/expire_quiescent_template
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/vs/expire_nodest_conn

2009/1/19 Jason Ledford <jledford at biltmore.com>
> I am using ldirectord with wlc and balancing Microsoft term servers.  Its working fine but I think we are wanting to add persistence so if the rdp session gets disconnected (network interruption or whatever) the client gets connected back to the same server.  I know the problem with this of persistence trumping the scheduler.  My question is what is about the ldirectord.cf parameter for persistence.  I believe its
> Persistence = 300
> What is the time, seconds, minutes,.....
> What would be a good expiration time, 5 minutes?
> I appreciate your help.
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