[lvs-users] lvs configuration

linuz linuz linuz78 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 13:41:45 BST 2009


Can anybody help me for LVS configuration for below mentioned setup.

I have 6 RHEL5 machines.

s1, s2 and LVS ip( lvs servers and lvsip (VIP)in one network -
s3,s4 with one VIP (realservers) for port 80 and s5,s6 (realservers) with
one VIP for port 3306 in another network.

I need to setup

one lvs server serves on port 80 to s1 and s2 and from s1 and s2 it should
connect to second LVS which load balance the db network for port 3306.
Here LVS(directors) is in network and all real servers in
another network.

Am using rhel5 piranha with ipvsadm for LVS. I used lvs tun configuration
but its not working.
Plz help me for the same.

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