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Just E. Mail justemail at imwell-usa.com
Mon Jul 13 15:14:31 BST 2009


I am working on setting up LVS using Piranah. I have really good notes, 
whic will save you few months of pulling hair. Contact me directly:

kirtib at imwell-usa.com

and I will email them to you.



linuz linuz wrote:
> Hi
> Can anybody help me for LVS configuration for below mentioned setup.
> I have 6 RHEL5 machines.
> s1, s2 and LVS ip( lvs servers and lvsip (VIP)in one network -
> s3,s4 with one VIP (realservers) for port 80 and s5,s6 (realservers) with
> one VIP for port 3306 in another network.
> I need to setup
> one lvs server serves on port 80 to s1 and s2 and from s1 and s2 it should
> connect to second LVS which load balance the db network for port 3306.
> Here LVS(directors) is in network and all real servers in
> another network.
> Am using rhel5 piranha with ipvsadm for LVS. I used lvs tun configuration
> but its not working.
> Plz help me for the same.
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