[lvs-users] question about NFS and LVS

Sebastien WACHTER sebastien.wachter at netasq.com
Wed Jul 15 17:09:13 BST 2009

i want setup lvs to use NFS
when i connect on my real server all work fine
but when i connect on VIP is not OK
mount.nfs: mount to NFS server '' failed: RPC Error: 
Program not registered

on my conf file have add this entry

        real= gate
        real= gate

when one one is down i can check on ipvsadm

TCP wlc
  ->           Route   1      0          0
  ->           Route   0      0          0

i have try with UDP it the same resultat

i prefer tcp because with tcp i can check if nfs server is up instead UDP

Thanks for your reply


Joseph Mack NA3T a écrit :
> On Wed, 15 Jul 2009, Sebastien WACHTER wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i want setup lvs to use NFS
> have you read the HOWTO about this?
> Joe

yes  i have read , but  i have dont see iformation to configure this way

my nfs server point to DRBD device

Any help is appreciated and if you need more information, please let me



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