[lvs-users] LVS + Apache + Tomcat

Martijn Marsman m.marsman at tsi-solutions.nl
Wed Jul 22 09:29:06 BST 2009

Hey List,

We are using LVS now for over a year, we run several large sites with it, and is works great.
But for 1 site (which runs on Tomcat with an Apache frontend) i have some wierd problems.

We have noticed that node 1 gets all the connections, after half an hour, node 1 goes idle and node 2 gets all the connections. User complain about beeing thrown out of their session on the site and go back to the frontpage.

Is it possible this is an LVS problem? The developers think it is, but i find it hard to believe as the other sites work fine with the same configuration. It seems unlikely that LVS suddenly kills off connections after an half hour.

LVS is set to Least Connections.

I understand this is a very vague description, but i am looking for any tips/clues in the good direction :) and hopefully rule out LVS as the problem maker :)

Thanks in advance!


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