[lvs-users] LVS - VIP Seems to be NOT Responding! - SOLVED

Just E. Mail justemail at imwell-usa.com
Wed Jun 10 00:05:08 BST 2009

I had posted this question "LVS - VIP seems to be NOT Responding!" & did 
not get an answer. It was my hunch that the FIREWALL was somehow 
blocking the Web (test) query!!

My hunch turned out to be true.  I am posting this information to help 
other users.

The problem is that as the firewall is setup, it OPENs & CLOSEs ports on 
the Virtual Server's physical IP address. However, all traffic is 
directed to the VIP address. Therefore, PORTS on VIP must be opened for 
Virtual Server to accept traffic.

I have not figured out how to modify the iptable to accomplish that but 
I am working on it.

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