[lvs-users] Failover eth0 eth2 serial

Uwe Großkinsky ug at cinetic21.de
Wed Jun 17 14:32:57 BST 2009

Hy Folks

i am using eth0, eth2 and serial

my ha.cf looks so

debugfile       /var/log/ha-debug
logfile            /var/log/ha-log
logfacility      local0
keepalive      2
warntime      5
deadtime      10
udpport        694
bcast            eth1 eth2
baud             19200
serial            /dev/ttyS0
auto_failback   on
node             lbcisxx01
node             lbcisxx02
debug          1

each node has a special pool configured in haresources, so the load was 
mixed on both 2 nodes

my Heartbeat (node1 and node2) is running well, is there a problem on 
one node so the second node will handle the rest from the pool.
i mean ... if on one node heartbeat are dead or machine was offline so 
the other node will make the takeover

but i searching for a way to fix the following!

I will configure the nodes that in case of , eth0 or eth2 are dead, the 
second node will handle the pool.
If with the serial cable connection have problems so also the other 
aktive node will handle .....

what is the best way to konfigure this ?

Thanks  (great project :) )

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